Atom stucked starting Julia at "Precompiling module Atom"

I recently installed Julia, Atom and Juno with it (uber-juno package), and then ran Pkg.Add(“Atom”) in the Julia REPL.

After that I’m tried to Start Julia with the Atom console but it freezes at:

Starting Julia…
INFO: Precompiling module Atom.


Can you try calling using Atom in a non-Juno REPL and paste the output here if there are any errors?

Sorry I did not understand what you asked me to do. I’m really new to this software, what should I do to have Juno running.

I’m not sure what exactly is going wrong here, but to debug that I need you to open a Julia REPL (like you did to call Pkg.add("Atom")) and type in using Atom. If there’s any errors, paste them here; otherwise everything should work fine in Juno.

He means that you should open Julia directly from the application itself and not from Juno so that the REPL is on the terminal.

If there are any errors, the terminal REPL will display them but the Juno REPL won’t. In case an error is displayed, just paste it here.

Atom fails for me as well (using Julia 0.6.4). It’s because of

so it will be fixed soon.

I updated Atom with Pkg.update(“Atom”) from 0.4.3 -> 0.4.4 and now when I press enter in Atom it stucks in

Press Enter to start Julia.
Starting Julia…
INFO: Loading HttpServer methods…

///***Show Julia typed logo (version 0.6.4) ***///


After that I can’t type anything.

If I type using Atom in Julia REPL it shows INFO: Loading HttpServer methods… nothing else.