Atom 1.21.0 update broke Juno console autocomplete?



I just updated my Atom to 1.21.0 and no longer have the autocomplete popup in Juno’s console.

I do however have the autocomplete working in the main editor.

Does anyone else have this problem with the 1.21.0 atom update?

I suspect this is to do with the 1.21.0 update because the notes show a lot of changes with the autocomplete-plus plugin:

Likely to accommodate the new atom-ide-ui features:
By the way, is Juno planning to use atom-ide-ui?


That’s fixed in master, and a new release should be out soonish.

The long term plan is to use some LSP features for Juno, but I’m not sure how much of atom-ide-ui we’ll integrate.


Okay thanks!