Arch D. Robison high performance Julia workshop from 2016 in 2022

Arch D. Robison workshop Introduction to Writing High Performance Julia presented at JuliaCon 2016 thought me so many things and I believe that many Julia users still can learn valuable lessons from it. At the same time, Julia was quite different in 2016 that it is now, so many code examples just don’t work, since some keywords were changed, things were moved from base language to standard library or from standard library to separated package, etc.

Because of that watching it can be big pain for newcomers and I wonder, should it be recommend watch to them? Or should they look for more recent sources. Also I wonder, is watching it again and making timestamps for it is a time well spend now or there are other videos that need timestamps more.

I definitely will watch this workshop again and try to make timestamps for it, but in other situation it can be in quite distant future.