Funny things from Julia YT channel

This is just off topic for funny things that were said about Julia on Julia YT channel. I hope that they make you smile like they made me.

Feel free to add all others funny about Julia that you see or hear.

It should not take longer than it takes to make a baby to make a release. Stefan Karpinski at JuliaCon 2017, commenting how much time you need to make a Julia release. Julia Roadmap, 5:05.


Best costume effort at JuliaCon!


I need to quote Jarvist Moore Frost from commentary section of DrWatson video.

11/10 for commitment to package branding.

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No factor of 2 [will be] left untouched. (Alan Edelman)
Eventual Jeff [Bezanson] will have nothing else to do and will spent a couple of moths driving all this numbers [describing relative performance of the code] way down. (Stefan Karpinski)
Comments about the fact that Julia performance is/was mostly within factor of 2 relative to code written in C or C++.

22:13 at Numerical Optimization in Julia, talk by Miles Lubin and Iain Dunning, published on 28 March 2013. Sound is quite poor at this moment, so I needed to guess few words, but substance should be the same.

Unfortunately, as we know from watching State of the Julia, Jeff Bezanson still have a lot of things to do. :wink:

You have to follow rules. If you are Julia programmer and I just told you that A\b is slower than something else, therefore by the unwritten rules of Julia you must use the faster one.
Chris Rackauckas, LinearSolve.jl: because A\b is not good enough, JuliaCon 2022, 03:48.


This video was life-changing, calming, heart-warming, useful, informative, inspiring, enjoyable.

Thanks Jeff! (And sorry for the strange language.)