Any Pretty Dataframe printing?


I like so much the PrettyTables.jl .
I like the old-fashion look, with very readable fonts.
I also like very much the body_hlines option that separates rows into groups for readability.
(I like the vertical lines too)

Since I begin to use Pluto, I would be interrested to work with DataFrames directly instead of PrettyTables. (PrettyTables doesn’t work in :text mode in Pluto, and :html is uggly).

Would you have a suggestion on how I could create a pretty printout of a DataFrame?

(eventually I am also interrested to get PrettyTables :text mode working in Pluto)



One option is DataSkimmer:

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For visual inspection of large tables, BrowseTables.jl looks good too (NB: did not try it in Pluto).

Any html or JavaScript table display method should work in Pluto, see