Conditional Formatting in Pluto/Dataframes

Is it possible to apply conditional formatting to dataframes on Pluto? Similar to what I possible with Pandas (Python) . In particular, I want to highlight some cells (based on rules). PrettyTable.jl PrettyTables.jl allows the customization of the display style but it seems not to be working in Pluto.

Pluto by default uses its own rendering mechanism. But I think you can just use pretty_table directly to get what you want.

CC @fonsp

I just figured out that for running the HTML example in PrettyTables docs ( in Pluto I need only to add the keyword HTML as the first argument, i.e.,

pretty_table(HTML,data; backend = Val(:html), header = header, highlighters = (hl_e, hl_p, hl_v), standalone = true)

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