Seattle, 28 August: User meetup

Where: 83 S King St, #250, Seattle WA; hosted by Metis
When: Start at 6:00pm
What: Talk by Jeff Bezanson, Lightning talks, and food

We hope you can join us for a fun evening with a talk by Jeff Bezanson and maybe a couple of lightning talks (interested in speaking? contact me). It should be interesting for experts and novices alike!

Please sign-up at


I’m planning to attend; this will be my first time. Is there anywhere I need to go to sign up?


Just added the sign-up link for Meetup!

Dear Valentin -

I just found out about this meet up, but I would be happy to give a lightning talk on a new fast one-dimensional Gaussian Process algorithm developed by myself, Sivaram Ambikasaran, and Dan Foreman-Mackey. Dan and I have written a Julia version: celerite.jl

Cheers, Eric Agol


We’ve added another speaker!! Eric Agol (UW) will present Celerite, a fast and scalable approach for 1-dimensional Gaussian processes, with implementations in Julia, Python, and C++.

All that, and pizza too!


Thanks to @jeff.bezanson, @vchuravy, @staticfloat, and @ericagol for presenting, and to @ararslan and @bobmccrory for lively discussion.

Also in attendance (but maybe not on discourse yet?) were Jay Coskey, Ryan Murray, Dan Allison, and @dellison . Am I missing people?

Now’s the time to start thinking about next month. An introductory session would be great, but can we target more specifically? A few possibilities:

  • Basic programming
  • Ecosystem in general
  • Julia for Python users, maybe specifically things that are hard in Python and easy in Julia
  • Some basics, plus calling Python, R, etc

What would be most useful for you, and what would pull in the most people?

Many thanks to Chad, to Metis for hosting, and everyone who was involved with organizing and all who gave talks! It was really great to meet everyone, and I thought all the talks were really cool. Can’t wait for the next one!