Siam cse23

I’m in Amsterdam for SIAM CSE23, and the program shows a lot of presentations (and entire sections!) dedicated to work being done with Julia. I’ve yet to meet many people outside of my university using Julia, so I’m wondering if anybody would be interested in getting together, and perhaps going for a meal during the conference? I’ve been very happy to see the growing adoption of the language, easily seen by the multiple books at the SIAM stand with Julia codes!

If you are at the conference, and interested in finding a time and place to get together, let me know!

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W’ll be there tomorrow, join us at the meeting! There is a slack conversation about it here:

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From Michael Schlottke-Lakemper:

Hey everyone! In case any of you should be attending the SIAM Conference on Computational Engineering and Science in Amsterdam this year:
Tomorrow (Monday, Feb 27th), there will be a minisymposium on Research Software Engineering with Julia, split into two sessions:
9:45am-11:25am, room G105: MS32 Research Software Engineering with Julia - Part I of II
1:50pm-3:30pm, room G105: MS67 Research Software Engineering with Julia - Part II of II
The speakers include, among others,
@Leandro Martínez
@Samuel Omlin
@Jürgen Fuhrmann
After the last talk of the second session, we will use the opportunity for a short Birds-of-a-Feather (BoF) session on Julia for computational science and engineering in general, i.e., an open discussion without a fixed agenda:
2:50pm-3:30pm, room G105: BoF Research Software Engineering with Julia
and I are looking forward to meeting some of you (in person!) tomorrow! (edited)