ANN: PlotlyJS.jl Julia 1.0 compatible

Just an annoncement that PlotlyJS has been updated for Julia 1.0.

There are a few exciting new features:

  • Use WebIO.jl for all display integrations. This simplified the code in PlotlyJS.jl (net reduction of about 700 LOC)
  • Ability to subscribe julia functions as callback to plotly.js javascript events (such as hover, click, zoom/pan) allowing for Julia to drive rich, interactive visualizations/miniapps. See updated section in docs for examples
  • Robust writing figures to files (pdf, png, eps, jpeg, svg) using the ORCA.jl package – a thin Julia wrapper around Plotly’s official orca project that is used on to export figures.

The main thing left to do is fix the integration with Plots.jl. As the plotlyjs specific backend code is very short, I anticipate that this will be quick to implement, but I wanted to point out that this has not been done yet.

As always please open an issue if something is not working.

Thanks and happy plotting!