[ANN] Nextion.jl - Julia library to communicate with Itead Nextion displays

An unofficial Julia library to communicate with Itead Nextion displays

Itead Nextion display is a Human Machine Interface (HMI) solution combining a TFT touch display with an onboard processor and memory.

User interface can be defined using a free and downloadable editor software (unfortunately closed source and Windows only).

This library is just a work in progress. A lot of work is still necessary to make it fully usable.

Callbacks are, for example, currently not supported.

Communication between a computer running Julia and Nextion is performed using serial communication and LibSerialPort.jl library - thanks Andrew Adare for fixing / updating it

What is necessary to test this library?

To use this library you will need:

Please follow the following wiring:

  • Red wire 5V
  • Black wire GND
  • Yellow wire (between Nextion RX and USB TTL TX or SBC TX)
  • Blue wire (between Nextion TX and USB TTL RX or SBC RX)

!!! warning

Do it at your own *risk*!

Bad wiring can result in damaging the Nextion display, the USB converter or maybe more.

If you don't know what you are doing, it's maybe safer not to try!