[ANN] KittyTerminalImages.jl: Display Julia output images directly in your terminal


Quite a while ago I started KittyTerminalImages.jl - a package that allows one to show images generated by Julia directly in the terminal. I never registered that package as it is still very experimental and I did not find the time to work on it, but finally decided to do so in the hope that I can get more feedback for what is missing and if there are some issues in some setup.

Caveat: This only works if one uses kitty - a super fast terminal emulator for macOS os Linux (but not windows unfortunately). Also, this package does currently not work with ssh, screen or tmux but maybe it might be possible to add such functionality later.

Here are some screenshots:


Sharing ImageInTerminal.jl as an alternative.


And https://github.com/tshort/SixelTerm.jl

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SixelTerm.jl was never released though.

I think KittyImages.jl is a better name as it conveys the same information but with less characters. :wink: Cool package! It’d be great if this could be done in all terminals.

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There is also https://github.com/m-j-w/TerminalGraphics.jl which also uses the Sixel protocol, but as with SixelTerm.jl, these projects have not been touched for a while.
And then there is TerminalExtensions.jl which is for iTerm2 (macOS).