[ANN] LibASICamera - A wrapper for the ZWO ASI camera interface

Hey everybody,

I spent the past weeks learning julia and wrote a wrapper for the ZWO ASI camera SDK. You can take a look at the result here:

So far it works under Linux. I have not tested Mac, Win and RasPi so far, because I have none of them. But adding support should be a matter of adjusting the build script. Any help is welcome. E.g. you could help me with:

  1. Implementing the camera as IO object, so that it becomes possible to pipe video directly to compression and to disk

  2. Making the ASICamera a subtype of some more general julia Camera thingy

  3. Overhauling the underlying types; at the moment I create temporary structs, the ccalls write to the NTuples of Cuchars and then I convert everything into “human-readable” structs, which sounds like there should be an easier way (“directly writing into a string”)

In combination with the julia ecosystem it should be possible to implement anything from complete data processing pipeline to autoguiding - so have fun experimenting with it! :blush: