[WIP] Cameras.jl


Here is our current state of a (very minimal) high-level camera interface: https://github.com/IHPSystems/Cameras.jl

It could be great if we could implement a common interface for various machine vision SDKs, e.g. Basler Pylon, PtGrey Spinnaker (@samuelpowell) , Allied Vision Vimba (@jtravs) , Intel RealSense (@Gnimuc) etc.

We are working on a Julia interface for Basler Pylon.

We have been working on an async-friendly channel-like take!-method, and an iteration interface. We are also working on an abstract array interface for the values returned by take!: https://github.com/IHPSystems/Cameras.jl/tree/feature/acquired_image

Tests (examples) with a simulated camera are here: https://github.com/IHPSystems/Cameras.jl/tree/feature/simulated_camera

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