ANN: Juno 0.12.5

Hey everyone,

Juno 0.12.5 is out! We have a bunch of improvements and a couple of bugfixes for you. Also, fuzzy autocompletions make their return!

Release notes


  • Fuzzy completions (#308 and #713):
  • Juno now displays the currently active environment in the toolbar (#330 and #741).


  • Improved functor display (#305 and #303).
  • Improved missing display (#306).
  • Traceur.jl integration is now lazy-loaded (#309).
  • Better error handling when retrieving an object’s documentation fails (#310).
  • Better regex for matching paths in the REPL (#734, #731, #320, and #322 – thanks @FAlobaid).
  • Juno now supports a .JuliaFormatter.toml instead of configuration settings (#325 and #735).
  • SVGs in the plot pane are now zoom- and panable (#327).
  • Improvements to the evalsimple handler (#333).
  • Allow Julia paths relative to the Atom install directory (#711).
  • We’re now showing release notes when Juno is updated (#725).
  • Upgrade xterm.js to 4.6.0 (#276).


  • Fix plot display with “Show in REPL” result style (#312).
  • Make sure to run all user code in invokelatest (#313).
  • Fixed one-element tuple display (#323).
  • Fixed a bug on x86 systems (#314).
  • Fixed a bug where include statements resolved to the wrong paths when debugging (#329).


Atom packages

Important : To fully update Atom packages, you need to restart all the previous Atom processes

Install the latest versions of julia-client and ink packages:
Close all the Atom windows and type the following command into your terminal:

apm update

If that also doesn’t work (or if you want to only update Juno packages), try the commands below instead:

apm uninstall ink
apm uninstall julia-client
apm install ink
apm install julia-client

Julia packages

Execute the following in a Julia prompt:

pkg> up Atom Juno


Important : This release requires Atom 1.39, 1.40.1, or higher.

As always, make sure all Julia and Atom packages are up-to-date.

Julia packages:

  • Atom.jl version: 0.12.11
  • Juno.jl version: 0.8.2

Atom packages:

  • julia-client version: 0.12.5
  • ink version: 0.12.4

It may be worth mentioning that the default cell delimiter seems to have changed from ## to ##\space, which just tripped me up a bit (I liked the old default fwiw, not sure the motivation for the extra space, but in any case, its configurable).


Thanks, I thought cells stopped working, but apparently, this was a deliberate chage:

I don’t really understand that rationale, though. A delimiter like

##### Section Name

doesn’t start a new cell at all with the new default delimiter.

Seems a bit questionable to me that delimiting cells is sensitive to the invisible difference between a ## \n and a ##\n.


quick updates:

  • when you update to atom@1.47.0, you need to “rebuild” julia-client package (since it comes with electron update). See our FAQ section for visual instructions.
  • atom@1.47.0 seems to disable webview by default, which causes problems when you want to use features using WebIO.jl, etc. The fix is already done in master, but the release including that hasn’t come yet. Easy workaround is to downgrade Atom to 1.46.0 or update to the coming nightly release.

Yeah, now that I think about it, ##(?!#), #---, #\s?%% is probably the better default.

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when you update to atom@1.47.0, you need to “rebuild” julia-client package

This time I see no bug icon (Win 10 64, Julia 1.4.1). Uninstalling and then reinstalling uber-juno worked.

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I’ve updated today but have found that my Juno installation broke completely.

It seems the julia-client package got stuck at some point. It cannot even be uninstalled any more.
Uninstalling and reinstalling both Juno packages and Atom itself did not help.

I’m on Atom 1.47.0 and my Julia packages are up to date (Atom v0.12.11; Juno v0.8.2).

Any ideas how to fix this?

Yes, this can happen when updating through the UI. I’d recommend following the instructions at

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When running apm uninstall julia-client, I get the following:

Uninstalling julia-client failed
Failed to delete julia-client: No package.json found at C:\Users\Frederik Banning\.atom\packages\julia-client\package.json

So that’s consistent with the behaviour in Atom/Juno itself (uninstall not possible).

Simply ignoring this and proceeding with apm install julia-client has fixed the issue though. Juno is back up and running. Thanks for the link. :slight_smile:

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the same with me: no Juno after an update through UI, Uninstalling julia-client failed , but everything now working after

apm uninstall ink
apm uninstall julia-client
apm install ink
apm install julia-client

“… and we’ve decided on gradually moving Juno onto VSCode.”
Is it for real? Are you going to join efforts with julia-vscode?


yep, it is, at least we’re trying to do.


Didn’t see that before. That’s pretty cool! It will allow me to go back to VS Codium (i.e. no telemetry) and still enjoy the full power of Juno (e.g. cell evaluation). :slight_smile:

After installation Juno 0.12.5 i got message that asked to update Atom.jl after doing thatl (in the REPL) I can not run Julia in Atom editor with the message:
“Julia has exited.
Press Enter to start a new session.”

head for and follow our update instructions

I 've followed them by (exept for reinstallation).

another update on this:
I confirmed atom≧v1.49.0-nightly addresses this issue.