[ANN] ImageBinarization.jl - Automatically binarize images into background and foreground

The ImageBinarization package provides numerous algorithms for transforming an image into a bi-level image (black background and white foreground). The initial release implements the following algorithms:

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Some algorithms are particularly well-suited for binarizing text documents. Many of the algorithms are actually implemented in the companion package HistogramThresholding which currently operates at the level of one-dimensional histograms and not images.

The package was conceptualized and developed during the University of Adelaide Summer School Scholarship 2019 program and includes valuable contributions from:

  1. Abbey McCarthy
  2. Isabella Scalzi
  3. Tristan Betterman
  4. Wen Siang Tan
  5. Robert Woods
  6. William Godfrey

You will find important details about the various algorithms in the package documentation.

We hope you will find the algorithms useful in your own work.

Best wishes,

Zygmunt Szpak


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