Images.jl v0.26 is out


Images.jl is an open-source image processing library for Julia and is maintained by JuliaImages community. It is one of the oldest packages in the Julia ecosystem, and its code-origins predate the existence of both the package manager and Julia 0.1 .

Images.jl is increasingly becoming an “umbrella package” that exports a set of packages which are useful for common image processing tasks. Most of these packages are hosted at JuliaImages, JuliaArrays, JuliaIO, JuliaGraphics, and JuliaMath.

Packages that Images.jl currently reexports are:

  • ImageCore
  • ImageBinarization
  • ImageTransformations
  • ImageAxes
  • ImageCorners
  • ImageMetadata
  • ImageFiltering
  • ImageMorphology
  • ImageDistances
  • ImageContrastAdjustment
  • ImageQualityIndexes
  • IntegralArrays
  • ImageSegmentation

These packages serve various purposes from filtering, morphology, quality indexes, segmentation etc.

Repository Link: GitHub - JuliaImages/Images.jl: An image library for Julia
Documentation: Home · JuliaImages
Technical updates:
More information can be found here: JuliaImages · GitHub

We welcome new contributors to help improve the package and performance of existing solutions. Check out the contributing guidelines for new contributors.


Images.jl v0.26 is out

  • Update to ImageMorphology 0.4, a major upgrade compared to v0.3.
  • Update to ImageCore 0.10 which has minor breaking changes in clamp01 and abs2 (via ColorVectorSpace).
  • Add ImageBinarization, which contributes many new options for binarization compared to previous releases of Images.
  • As part of the ongoing work to make Images.jl purely a “meta package” that bundles functionality from focused packages, migrate corner-related algorithms to ImageCorners.
  • Remove deprecations from previous version Images.jl v0.25

With this update, we are closer than ever to becoming a true meta package.