[ANN] HelloJulia.jl: Some resources for that "Intro to Julia" workshop you are planning

The HelloJulia.jl repo (which is also an unregistered package) collects some resources I included in 1 hour workshop introducing julia to (mostly) university researchers. I make no guarantees about it’s quality or correctness, but feel free to use or borrow from it. I had help from Oliver Schultz, Sam Urmy, Oscar Smith, Ian Butterworth, and Carsten Bauer, who you may want to acknowledge if you repost certain material.

In the workshop I presented the slides and ran the demos “pkg_composability”, the first part of “secret_sauce” and, the beginning of “first_steps” during the workshop, all in the REPL, so participants could mirror what I did (“live coding”). This also saves you from getting the user to install an IDE or IJulia, which I have found to be unreliable in a short course.

But the demos can also be run as jupyter notebooks by installing HelloJulia.jl itself, or from Binder notebooks. The instructions are here.

I found that 1 hour was quite short and the material might work better for a slightly longer workshop.


What is the reference for the great summary table in slide “Fast code written fast: DifferentialEquations.jl”?
Thank you for sharing.

I got the table from this blog of @ChrisRackauckas . I think it was actually published somewhere, but can’t find the reference.

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