[RFC] JuliaCon2020Workshops.jl

Based on a slack discussion, I’ve put together a small package: JuliaCon2020Workshops.jl, that pulls the workshop repos and starts a jupyter notebook. It may help beginners to easily start working (just install julia and this package).

I would appreciate your thoughts and feedback on the package, and if it could be useful.

Quoting from the readme:


Print the available workshops:

using JuliaCon2020Workshops

The following workshops can be downloaded (by their shortname):
shortname: Workshop name
MLJ: MLJ: A Machine Learning Toolbox for Julia
LightGraphs: Building and analyzing Graphs at scale with Light Graphs
DataFrames: A Deep Dive into DataFrames.jl Indexing
LearnJulia: Learn Julia via Epidemic Modeling
CxxWrap: Wrapping a C++ Library with CxxWrap.jl

Then download the selected, with its shortened name:


You can start the jupyter notebooks for any downloaded workshop:


Note: I know that not all workshops use notebooks, I’ve just put those into the package that I found.