[ANN] DocumenterEpub.jl

When I load the julia 1.6.0 epub on the reMarkable2 (RM2) tablet, I don’t get a table of contents.
When I loaded in in Calibre a nice table of contents is present.

I think this may be a limitation of the epub viewer on the reMarkable2 tablet. I will continue my investigations.

If anyone has tested this epub on their preferred e-book reader, I would be interested if they have a better experience. There may be other software options for epub format on the RM2.

Nice to have the epub version regardless. Thanks for the contribution!

I can confirm. I get the following message if I try to access the ToC in the RM2 tablet:

This book is missing table of contents

Unfortunately this book does not contain any table of contents.
Some books don’t and some do.

By the way, it takes a very long time to load the 3700-page document! :scream: (Which is also a fault of the ReMarkable, as I’ve read that other readers can cope much better.)

I don’t think there is anything I can do in this regards. I use “epubcheck” to verify the integrity of the produced epub and only have one expected error (I accept this to satisfy the need of using JuliaMono on Apple Books).
There are even two TOCs available to satisfy devices with only EPUB 2 support…

A quick google shows me that the EPUB implementation on the ReMarkable might be subpar: Reddit - Dive into anything

Concerning the size: I think it might be helpful to split of the dev-docs, as most everyday users won’t be interested in it.

Oh, definitely! I just wanted to reassure @devel-chm that it was not an issue with his particular device but indeed a bug in the ReMarkable software :slight_smile:

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On Win10 I’m using Calibre (not current version). I noticed there is no TOC on the rendered pages, but a right click brings up Calibre’s menu and there is a TOC choice. It opens as a bookmark list. Clicking the topmost bookmark “Manual” does produce and error, but the only problem I noticed. Great work. As someone just starting with Julia, I’ll use it a lot.


I’ve released version v0.2.0 of DocumenterEpub.jl which is now compatible with Documenter.jl v0.27.+.

As an example I built the Julia manual with it:

Have fun!


This is awesome! Perhaps we can make this more widely available.