Julia manual in ebook format?

Every time I try to read the julia manual I wind up stalling out. Sure I read some of it, and I get something out of it, but then at some point it’s exhausting reading the PDF on a tablet, and the manual is like 1500 pages long so printing it out is super cumbersome. Is there a version of the manual which is available as an e-book format that I could read with ease on a screen?

Things that would make this all work better:

  1. Text flows to the screen size
  2. Can change font size
  3. Keeps track of where I’ve read to
  5. Find

DocumenterEpub.jl can output EPUB format.

Here is an example of Julia version 1.6


Perfect, the 1.6 manual example file is just what I want, and I don’t even have to figure out how to get the source and build it myself :wink:

Wouldn’t it be possible to add an option to download as pdf/epub to the docs sidebar itself like here.

This would be great if it can be added to Documenter.jl so that any julia package can enable this.


After struggling to read the +1500 pp Julia manual offline on a mobile device in PDF format, I found this great post and the link above to download the manual in epub format (version 1.7 available). What a difference it made!

IMHO, such epub download should be available in the official page: