Create Julia manual offline

I will have a long flight where I will be offline. I would like to setup on my computer (a mac) an image of the Julia manual to look at during the flight. How can I do this? Thanks for any info.

Here is a link to the pdf manual for version 1.8.5. The main Julia documentation page should always have a link to the pdf.

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OK that works. Thanks!

Actually almost Julia eco system documents is static html

So Here is a simply routine for offline docs

  1. install local http server package . often is NPM http-server
  2. git clone doc repo , check out GitHub Pages branch
  3. start local http sever from GitHub Pages branch directory

Also, try the terminal:

open /Applications/ 

Assuming a big guy in economy class, there won’t be room for most laptops.
For reading on tablet or mobile phone, epub is much better, with Julia 1.7 manual epub version available here.