Did docs.julialang.org move?

http://docs.julialang.org/ gives me a 404 error.

It should work now. We’re in the process of moving to the (much nicer) new manual in Markdown, but once things are set up all old links and things will work.

The CSS and image links aren’t working for me (though that could be a DNS issue).

That’s great! I’m looking forward to it. Thanks for the update!

It was Jekyll ignoring all directories beginning with an underscore. Should be all better now I think.

All old links don’t work but everything is fine if you start your search from scratch. See the two links below for the difference.

So far I don’t see any visual differences but the search speed is greatly improved. Thanks for updating it. :thumbsup:





Instead of style-guide/?highlight it’s style-guide.html?highlight.

I’ve reverted the URL changes since that was an unintentional change.

We should be able to make things even faster by bundling all the deps rather than using a cdn like we are currently. Also, I’d like to switch to using GitHub - KaTeX/KaTeX: Fast math typesetting for the web. instead of mathjax if it supports everything we need since from some initial testing it seems to be a lot faster. We’ll also switch over to using GitHub - JuliaDocs/Highlights.jl: A source code highlighter for Julia. for code highlighting at some point as well so that we can pre-render code blocks.

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Does this error have to do with the move?:


latest, not stable, used to work… I hope the broken links I’ve seen are temporary.