Somehow Julia has disappeared from Atom?

I restarted Atom and now Julia has disappeared from the top menu bar, but Julia packages are still installed… what is happening?

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It happens from time to time, if you update julia-client while julia is running. The easiest fix is to uninstall julia-client and reinstall it.


Thank you! I thought I had improbable electronic-breaking powers.

This allways works for me:
From Juno FAQ:

There’s a chance the update of julia-client failed. To get a clean re-install while preserving any setting you might have changed, try the following steps:

  1. Close all Atom instances.
  2. Start a terminal (e.g. cmd on Windows or the Terminal App on MacOS)
  3. Execute apm uninstall julia-client .
  4. Execute apm install julia-client .
  5. Start Juno. Evertyhing should work again.

If the update runs when the terminal is being used, it can’t seem to delete the old one to add the new one (permissions issue?), and so Atom messes up and it stays but not really. It’s annoying but at least the fix @Carlos_Renaudo mentions works.