Adding more links to materials on Julia YT channel

I write this post to make a case for small improvement of descriptions on Julia YT channel, while myself probably wouldn’t have time to do. I’m now try to make timestamps to some of videos there and this probably will fill enough my past time.

Many Julia videos on YT have links to additional materials and, what is wonderful, to notebooks used at the talk. Some doesn’t have them, but used materials, or different relevant make by speaker, can be find while spending some time googling. Having them is quite important if someone want to follow and try presented code, but fonts in the video are to small to read them comfortably or read at all.

People often past links to the materials in the comments. But this is least convenient for the people watching and from time to time comments seems to vanish (at least my comments vanished few times). In my humble opinion it would be much better, if we encourage people interesting in some video to send them links to relevant materials to person that would incorporate them into YT description. Maybe this can be done?

Generally, if speaker has homepage, adding link to it into description would be worth considering.

For example, when searching interesting videos to try to do timestamps, I found Sheehan Olver’s talk Numerical Analysis in Julia After some googling I found on his page presentation link to presentation Approxfun and solution of differential equations in julia, which is not presentation used at this talk, but close enough to be useful. In the video you can see that title of the shown presentation is not Numerical Analysis in Julia, but ApproxFun.jl. Approximating functions and solving differential equations.

Maybe adding this link to description would be useful for someone?

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I also wonder if this could be done programatically.

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I don’t know, you should ask someone more knowledgeable.

I now watch JuliaCon 2021 | Day 1 Single Track | Prof. Jan Vitek Keynote, and I write down information about some materials from his slides. Can we add below information do description of this lecture?

Todd A. Anderson et al., “Parallelizing Julia with a Non-Invasive DSL”, DOI: 10.4230/LIPIcs.ECOOP.2017.4.

Jeff Bezanson et al, “Julia: dynamism and performance reconciled by design”

Benjamin Chung, Francesco Zappa Nardelli, Jan Vitek, “Julia’s Efficient Algorithm for Subtyping Unions and Covariant Tuples”, DOI: 10.4230/LIPIcs.ECOOP.2019.24

Francesco Zappa Nardelli et al., “Julia subtyping: a rational reconstruction”,

Julia Belyakova et al., “World age in Julia: optimizing method dispatch in the presence of eval”,

Artem Pelenitsyn et al., “Type Stability in Julia: Avoiding Performance Pathologies in JIT Compilation”,, arXiv:2109.01950