Add brackets after autocompleting a function

So I recently updated from a JuliaPro 1.2 installation by downloading Julia 1.4 and atom separately, and the juno-packages after. There is a feature in the JuliaPro installation where if there is a function func(x), and I autocomplete it, I get func() with the cursor inside the brackets. Now, in the 1.4 installation (in “pure” atom I guess?), I would just get func. It is a minor thing, but I had gotten so used to the brackets and really miss them.

I have compared the two installations to see that I have all the same packages in the new one, and that every setting in “autocomplete-plus” and “bracket-matcher” match perfectly. Any tips on how to enable the precious brackets again?

I figured it out, for anyone else who might have the same problem:

There is a setting in the atom package “Julia Client”, under “Julia options”, that is a check-box with the text “Don’t insert paranthesis on Function Auto-completion”.

Aaaaand it did not fix the problem. But it seems like it should, maybie it does for you.