0.6 nightlies?


Now that Nightlies have gone to 0.7, would it be possible to provide frequent builds for 0.6 as it approaches release? I’m specifically interested in Windows binaries.

Maybe it would make sense to have two sets of Nightlies whenever two branches of interest are still changing like they are now. Is there a concern over bandwidth? I presume that duplicating the Nightlies section in the downloads to build from the 0.6 branch shouldn’t be a big deal.


I also think it would be very good to have both v0.6 and v0.7 nightlies available, the v0.6 nightlies would be of great use to people readying their packages for the (hopefully soon) v0.6 release.


There’s recently a git tag for v0.6.0-rc1. I suspect a compiled release candidate will be on the website on a timescale measured in hours, or maybe one night.


Well, even with a “stable” RC build, there should still be releases available covering fixes up until the final. After that, I presume there’ll be a branch set up for fixes being back-ported towards a point release, so it would still make sense to have automated tracking builds for that. As I said, it seems to me that all that’s needed is pretty much a copy and paste in the downloads section of the site and on the CI server, just pointing at another branch.


The buildbots are not set up to do automated builds from anything other than master. Builds can be triggered manually from any commit, and I frequently do so while preparing backports.


@tkelman Out of curiosity, should we expect to see a compiled build of v0.6.0-rc1 on the website?


@tkelman it doesn’t seem like too much work to whitelist a branch to have it trigger builds according to this. Could someone do that?


We do not upload binary artifacts from Travis CI, and never have. The buildbots are an entirely different system.


Seems like the builds are already on AWS, but just not announced yet (use at your own risk).
Where was the beta announced? I can only find the post about the alpha release.


Is there a reason why builds can’t be uploaded from Travis other than that no one’s set it up yet? At this point, I’m wondering about 0.6 RC2 which seems to have been tagged in the branch some time ago.


The purpose of Travis is running tests, not building distributable
binaries. What gets built on Travis isn’t going to run elsewhere.