Statistics This subcategory is for discussion around statistics and machine learning. Probability distributions, fitting models, etc. Also welcomed is discussion about the projects or packages maintained by the organisations below. Maker A category to discuss embedded systems, CAD infrastructure, serial/other communications, microcontrollers, and Julia. Makers and matter hackers of all kinds are welcome. Astro/Space Discussion of Astronomy, Astrophysics, Astrodynamics, and other space related disciplines in Julia. Current Git organizations include: Machine Learning Machine Learning in Julia, with a particular focus on Deep Learning Data This subcategory is for discussion around data management: importing/exporting data sets from files or databases, manipulating data, summarizing data, etc. Also welcomed is discussion about the projects or packages maintained by the organisations below. Signal Processing Discussion of digital signal processing (DSP) and audio-related topics, including playing, recording, storing, generating, manipulating, reproducing, etc. Numerics This subcategory is for discussion of Julia implementations of general methods for solving scientific and engineering problems. In particular, Julia at Scale Julia at Scale is all about running Julia on large parallel distributed computing systems, may it be the cloud or supercomputers. We welcome question and discussion around how to get started, best practices and challenges with running Julia at scale. Modelling & Simulations Bio This subcategory is for discussion around biology, computational biology and bioinformatics using Julia. Also welcomed is discussion about the projects or packages maintained by the organisations below. Finance/Economics Discussions about using Julia within the Finance and Economics domains Web Stack Probabilistic programming GPU This subcategory is for discussion around GPU computing and GPU accelerated graphics. Also welcomed is discussion about the projects or packages maintained by the organisations below. Geo This subcategory is for geo-related discussions. This includes using Julia in geosciences, or dealing with geospatial data. Visualization Discussion of visualization in Julia, including graphics, images, plotting, etc. Optimization (Mathematical) For discussion of mathematical optimization software in Julia. This includes modeling software and solvers for linear optimization, mixed-integer optimization, convex optimization, nonlinear optimization, semidefinite optimization, and related topics.
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