About the Specific Domains category

Discussion of Julia in various specialized subject domains that have a dedicated community. Don’t see your domain? Fear not, post your topic in general usage.

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Just to clarify what this is… is it true that:

  • all posts go into a single “Domains” category?
  • posts can be given a “tag” that associates that post with a domain?
  • the available list of “domain tags” is decided by the owners/maintainers of the Discourse site?

Can users write in their own custom tags?

There are other top-level categories: Usage, Development, Site Feedback. There are also subcategories of the Domains category for individual domains. So if you’re writing about plotting, you’d post in the Visualization category.

Also note that threads can be moved to other categories after posting, which is helpful for keeping things organized and avoids the whole “you’re posting in the wrong place” business, which is kind of annoying and unfriendly.

I haven’t figured out how tags work yet. Still getting used to the new forum.

Ok I think I get it. Yes this is so much better that posts can be reorganized after the fact.

Tags can be created by admin and I think TL3. Users and moderators can then add tags to topics.

Right now we have:

  • Question
  • Proposal
  • Package

Maybe we should have some more like:

  • Announcement

Since each topic can only be in one category, we could also have tags for each domain, making it possible to have a topic that is in optimisation with a tag for ML.