.xls Files on Julia

Hi, im looking for a package that allows you read a .xls file, if possible similar to the ones that works whit .xlsx.

Try GitHub - aviks/Taro.jl: Read and write Excel, Word and PDF documents in Julia

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Also Home · XLSX.jl

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I use XLSX.jl fairly extensively. However I doubt that it can handle what the OP requested directly. My understanding is that it handles the XML based file format used in .xlsx files but not those in the older .xls format.

If the requirement is to handle only a small number of xls files, then they could be read in by a recent Excel version and written back out as xlsx files. However this would be impractical for a large number of files.

As suggested above, Taro.jl may be a better alternative but from reading its documentation, I’m not sure if it will read xls files.


Thanks for the advices, but i needed a package that works only whit julia, so used Taro.jl was not in my intentions.
I founded that ExcelFiles.jl can open this old format .xls, and im using it right now.

I wondered about that. Its documentation states that, like Taro, it uses an external reader but a different one than Taro,