Wrong links to the Statistics standard library

It seems like the all code source links in the Julia manual for the Statistics module have changed, none of them works. For example for the first one Statistics.std this link does not work.

Not even here is possible to find the Statistics module. Where is it?

It’s been moved out to here:

PRs to fix docs are likely welcome. It will be kept around for compatibility, but I believe this is the major library going forward (it depends on it):

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Thank you! I thought that was just a JuliaStats fork of such module. So it just remains to update the source links in the Julia manual.

Good catch. It’s probably worth filing an issue against Julia on GitHub. I’m not sure Documenter.jl would allow indicating that some doc pages are hosted on a different repo though. @mortenpi?

This will be fixed when we roll out Documenter 1.0 out for the Julia docs.