Suggestion for homepage of


Looking for ressources on statistics with Julia, I came across As a Julia noob, I expected the links on the main page to redirect to the documentation of each package.
Instead, it points towards the github page, from which I cannot figure out how to go to the documentation.

Would it be possible to link to the documentation directly from the main site ?


That’s surely possible, maybe open an issue with the JuliaStats org.

The docs are usually linked on the GitHub readme for the package, e.g. taking StatsBase as the first package on the site here’s what you find:


Good catch, thanks. An issue have been opened as I think it makes it a bit more difficult to access tutorials.

There is no GitHub - JuliaStats/MixedModels.jl: A Julia package for fitting (statistical) mixed-effects models , GitHub - JuliaStats/Survival.jl: Survival analysis in Julia , ets. on site.