Fork and build Julia for a PR to stdlib?

If I want to make a change to Statistics, which is a stdlib, do I have to fork julia, clone it, build it from source, and edit the file there?

Or is there another way? Could I use the released Binary to do this?



You can also using Statistics, Revise followed by Revise.track(Statistics). Changes to the Statistics stdlib will now be reflected in your current session.

In principle, you could also do this with the binaries from the website. However, you would be modifying files that you probably don’t want to modify (The changes won’t take effect in a new session, but nonetheless). Instead, I’d recommend to clone and build Julia once, to have a playground, and then use this approach with this version.

Note that I think there is one more approach: you could also only clone the Statistics stdlib, give it a new uuid and then dev it like any other package.

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Thanks! this advice works great. I am up and running.