Writing points to vtk with WriteVTK.jl

Hi, I am trying to export a set of points with corresponding value at each point using WriteVTK.jl. More precisely, I am trying to convert following codes given here.

from evtk.hl import pointsToVTK 
 import numpy as np  
 npoints = 100  
 x = np.random.rand(npoints)  
 y = np.random.rand(npoints)  
 z = np.random.rand(npoints)  
 pressure = np.random.rand(npoints)  
 temp = np.random.rand(npoints)  
 pointsToVTK("./points", x, y, z, data = {"temp" : temp, "pressure" : pressure})

I have reviewed this WriteVTK page but I could not find corresponding codes for the above python codes.
Any help is appreciated.

Hi, the above Python code exports an unstructured dataset (.vtu format), where each point corresponds to a “vertex” cell.

Unfortunately the equivalent in WriteVTK is a bit more verbose, as there is no direct analogous to pointsToVTK (but feel free to open an issue or PR for that!). For reference you should look at the unstructured datasets section of the README.

The following code is the equivalent to your example in Julia:

using WriteVTK

npoints = 100
x = rand(npoints)
y = rand(npoints)
z = rand(npoints)
pressure = rand(npoints)
temp = rand(npoints)
cells = [MeshCell(VTKCellTypes.VTK_VERTEX, (i, )) for i = 1:npoints]
vtk_grid("./points", x, y, z, cells) do vtk
    vtk["pressure", VTKPointData()] = pressure
    vtk["temp", VTKPointData()] = temp

Thank you very much. It worked!