Plot a 3D Grid when solving Partial differential Equations

I would like to plot a 3D grid in which each cell has different values of properties. This is to view the results of solving partial differential equations PDE. In octave I plotted with patch function


Export your grid as VTK (VTKWrite.jl). Visualize in Paraview.


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Hi, I successfully created a PVD file that stores a grid with some properties on different timesteps

using WriteVTK
pvd1 = paraview_collection("my_pvd_file1")

vtkfile1 = vtk_grid("my_vtk_file1", x, y, z) # 3-D
vtk_cell_data(vtkfile1, sw, "Saturation")
vtk_cell_data(vtkfile1, pwi, "Pressure")
collection_add_timestep(pvd1, vtkfile1, 1)

vtkfile2 = vtk_grid("my_vtk_file", x, y, z) # 3-D
vtk_cell_data(vtkfile2, so, "Saturation")
vtk_cell_data(vtkfile2, poi, "Pressure")
collection_add_timestep(pvd1, vtkfile2, 2)

Now I want to add some Static properties that does not depend on time. How is the syntaxis to do that?.

How to add a trayectory of points to represent Oil Wells surveys?

Thank you