Release: VTKDataTypes.jl and VTKDataIO.jl


I am excited to announce the release of my first 2 Julia packages!

  1. VTKDataTypes.jl
  2. VTKDataIO.jl

VTKDataTypes.jl can represent and manipulate VTK data types. It can also be used to create a GeometryTypes.HomogenousMesh for visualization in other GeometryTypes-based packages.

VTKDataIO.jl can read and write all VTK file formats and a few other ones. It can also visualize scalar and vector fields in any static dataset and save the visualization.

Future work in VTKDataIO.jl will involve the visualization of time series data, and exporting the frames to a single fbx/3ds file. This should enable cinematic-level rendering and post-processing of scientific visualizations in your favourite software of choice.

I would like to thank everyone in this community who helped me understand many things about Julia, and whom I owe making it to this point, thank you :slight_smile: