[Workgroup] JuliaHealth Vote: Times for Monthly Meetings in Asia-Pacific and Oceania?

TL;DR: We need your help to make JuliaHealth more internationally inclusive! Vote below and respond!

Hi Julia community! :wave:

In our last JuliaHealth talk of the year, we discussed ways of making JuliaHealth monthly meeting calls more inclusive. As of now, JuliaHealth calls happen once a month at 10AM EST. That is not great for many Asia/Pacific Julia friends so we would like to open up a second monthly meeting call that is more timezone friendly as I have folks reach out wanting to attend, but unable to due to timezone issues.

So, I have two small tasks for those NOT FROM the Americas:

  1. Are you interested in a JuliaHealth Monthly call to discuss Julia’s use and applicability in health as well as to meet potential collaborators or peers in the Julia space?
  • Yes
  • No
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  1. If you voted “Yes”, please indicate your preferred times below.
  • 7:00 UTC
  • 8:00 UTC
  • 9:00 UTC
  • 10:00 UTC
  • 11:00 UTC
  • 12:00 UTC
  • 13:00 UTC
  • 14:00 UTC
  • 15:00 UTC
  • 16:00 UTC
  • 17:00 UTC
  • 18:00 UTC
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Finally, as I am just one person, I need a partner who is willing to help run these sessions! If you can help me run these monthly calls, I am happy to show you my process for running meetings, making them effective, and give you the support you need. Please comment below or contact me directly!

Thank you for your consideration and let’s keep making JuliaHealth great!

~ tcp :deciduous_tree: (Lead of JuliaHealth)


Hiya the Cedar Price, if you would like to have any support or help in any way , i would love to join in and provide necessary stuff that might be crucial for maintaining such monthly calls intriguing the community around julia.
Feel free to msg me anytime over on slack , under the @Divyansh Goyal handle

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I was asked what might be required of a potential meeting leader and the tasks would generally be:

  1. Organizing a monthly agenda
  2. Advertising the monthly call (I’d cover the more Europe/America-timezone friendly one) on Discourse and Slack
  3. Hosting the monthly JuliaHealth call
  4. Taking meeting notes
  5. Posting notes to the JuliaHealth website

Altogether, this may take about 3 - 4 hours of work per month at worst.

Thought it would be good to share this as well!

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Hey folks, just bumping this to let you all know I will be closing this poll in about 2 days! Please cast your final votes! Thank you!

Yeah , i certainly. can assist u in that , sorry for late reply, i just saw it now