[Workgroup] JuliaHealth Meeting (Americas/Europe/Africa) – February 29th, 2024

Hi folks :wave:

Hope everyone is doing well!

This is our new approach to using Zoom for these meetings – PLEASE NOTE THE ZOOM JOIN INFORMATION BELOW!

Here’s this month’s agenda!

Monthly Meeting Agenda:

  1. Announcements:
    a. Meeting recording logistics
  2. New member introductions
  3. New contributor round-up!
    a. KomaMRI - Carlos Castillo Passi
    b. NeuroAnalyzer - Adam Wysokinski
  4. JuliaHealth News
    a. Northeastern University RISE Conference
  5. GSoC + JuliaHealth
    a. Projects
    b. Important dates
    c. Open discussion
  6. Brainstorming a JuliaHealth Day
  7. Glass Notebooks from Dale-Black
  8. Upcoming and ongoing research opportunities
    a. Observational Health Research at Northeastern Uni
  9. Open discussion

How to join monthly meeting:

Date: Thursday February 29th
Time: 12PM - 1PM
Time zone: America/New_York or EST
Zoom joining info
Video call link: https://applications.zoom.us/addon/invitation/detail?meetingUuid=1%2FSzL0slR6OYIZNS8pk6Mg%3D%3D&signature=077e75633e831aeb3d3a92cab5ed346060b9be6b7f468ae5fdb383f126601268&v=1


Hope you all can make it and please let me know if you have any questions! If you have agenda requests, please let me know as well – happy to try to make time. Thank you!

~ tcp :deciduous_tree:

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If I am not wrong 12PM EST is 17:00 GMT

Right on! :smile:

Hi folks! It took me a bit longer to get access to the Julia YouTube than expected but we now have our own Julia playlist for JuliaHealth! Here is the recording for February’s Monthly meeting for the Americas/Africa/Europe timezones!

About half way, we had a great conversation about GSoC so if you have any questions, let us know here! :smile: