[Workgroup] JuliaHealth Meeting -- August 25th, 2023

Hi folks!

It has been a while and I am happy to say that this Friday (August 25th, 10 - 11AM EST) will be our first regularly scheduled JuliaHealth monthly meeting since JuliaCon!

Some announcements to make:

  • If you were not able to make JuliaCon this past year, please see the notes from our first-ever JuliaHealth BoF that took place at JuliaCon
  • Thanks to Steven Kell and some other community members, I think we are going to get added to the Julia Community Calendar which is quite exciting!!!
    In the future, monthly calls and other out of band meetings will happen then.

Monthly Meeting Agenda:

  1. New member introductions

  2. Running tasks follow-ups:

    • Short-term task follow-ups:

      • Jacob Set-up HackMD to take notes going forward

      • Copy and paste meeting minutes over to JuliaHealth PR to update at end of meetings

      • Dilum finds out how to live stream JuliaHealth BoF

    • Long-term task follow-ups:

      • Creating a template repository
  3. Debrief from JuliaCon

    1. Interoperability of Julia with health research ecosystems (R)

    2. Develop and document tutorials showcasing compositional solutions to JuliaHealth ecosystem problems

    3. Coordinate with bigger Julia Blog to bridge between communities even better

    4. Databases and JuliaHealth

  4. Open discussion on next steps for the JuliaHealth community

How to join monthly meeting:

Date: Friday August 25th
Time: 10AM - 11AM
Time zone: America/New_York or EST
Google Meet joining info
Video call link: https://meet.google.com/wgf-jukg-yrx

Hope you all can make it and please let me know if you have any questions! If you have agenda requests, please let me know as well – happy to try to make time. Thank you!

~ tcp :deciduous_tree:

Good news folks! We are now a public event on the Julia Community Calendar! :smile:

If you want to add public events to your calendar for the Julia Community, here is the public calendar: Community. This should hopefully work for .ics/Google Calendars. Let me know if you have any questions/problems. :spiral_calendar:

Workgroup call starting in 15 minutes! :smile:

Meeting notes are now up! Link here: JuliaHealth - Meeting Notes

Thanks for everyone who was able to make it! :smiley:

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