[Workgroup] JuliaHealth Meeting – May 30th, 2024

Hi everyone! :wave:

It is time for another JuliaHealth community call very soon! After having been on hiatus since April, we are back with another monthly call! We have an exciting schedule already lined up for this month’s agenda; here it is:

  1. New attendee introductions
  2. New contributor round-up!
    • Documentation Revitalization
  3. JuliaHealth News
    • Documentation Revitalization Project
    • JuliaCon 2024
  4. Research opportunities at Northeastern University
    • Overview
    • Looking for mentors and projects
    • Open for the JuliaHealth/health-related community
  5. IPUMS.jl presentation by @00krishna
    • Overview
    • Q&A
  6. GSoC Student Welcome! (welcome @Jay-sanjay, @Divital, Michela, Ryan, and Jan !)
    • Introductions & Projects
    • Resources
    • Q&A from students

Excited to be welcoming our new GSoC students to JuliaHealth and to share some opportunities within JuliaHealth that are on the horizon. Hope to see you!

Date: May 30th, 2024
Meeting time: 12PM EST - 1PM EST
Link to join: Zoom Meeting Info

~ tcp :deciduous_tree:

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Hi folks! Our monthly meeting is starting in about 45 minutes! See you all soon!

Starting now, link here