Will JuliaCon 2023 be transmitted online?

Can we follow the event remotely as usual?


Later edit: additional context was added below by organizing team members.

Yes - the event will be transmitted online, but registration is needed.

JuliaCon 2023: Registration

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Is it paid only this year? I don’t see any registration option that is free as in previous years.

Yes - it is paid - but the payment takes the form of a donation to NumFOCUS - which will, in turn, support Julia.

No, registration is optional if you want to support the project.

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Is this specified somewhere?

I cannot find any relevant information here or anywhere else. I remember that for the 22 con it was explicitly stated that the conf is free online (and yes, it was connected with the pandemic context).

I bought my ticket a while back - and I always thought there was no free option this year (not that I complain about supporting Julia :slight_smile: ).

However, if the online attendance is free, I apologize for providing the wrong info o this.

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I saw a registration option with a $25 donation. And registered.

Not sure about the online venue/technology that is being used though, I imagine details will come later.

Hi. I’m the Finance Chair of JuliaCon 2023.

This is an in-person conference hosted at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. We are working with MIT A/V to stream as much of the conference live. This is going to be a different experience from last year and streaming is not our main focus, but we will try our best to make it work.

Recordings of the streams will be permanently available after we have had time to subtitle them. We could use some volunteers to help with this.

The online registration is a donation. That said registration gives us a way to communicate with you about the conference. If there are conference announcements, we will be able to send registered attendees an email.


Not that I mind having donated, but it should probably be made clear on the JuliaCon webpage that the online registration won’t necessarily mean having a working stream.


Thank you for the official details on the matter.

I think it is very important to get the streaming work: because there might be more people like me who interpret that an online ticket to the conference enables the ticket holder to watch it live. Otherwise, why even label it an online ticket?

I don’t want to make any fuss about this: I am happy to support Julia. I am just saying that the wording seems somewhat misleading.


I will invite Raye @Wimmerer to write about current online streaming efforts as they are working wit MIT Video directly.

My understanding is that we are currently planning for seven concurrent streams with picture in picture so that you can see both the speaker and the slides at the same time. The streams will be available over YouTube and likely embedded into https://live.juliacon.org/ . These details are all tentatively and subject to change.


Thanks for the ping Mark.

We are planning to have full streaming just as we have done for previous years. There will be 7 concurrent continuous streams to YouTube and to https://live.juliacon.org.

Of course, because this is an in-person conference audio visual is difficult and I can’t guarantee 100% uptime, but we have hired MIT Audio Visual to run things so we should be good.

@sob and @algunion does that satisfy your concerns?

Unfortunately at this time we don’t have the bandwidth to run the conference as a “hybrid” conference. We probably won’t be able to support online viewers asking questions for instance.


No concern here whatsoever, thanks for the info!

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@Wimmerer, thanks for taking the time and sharing these details.

My only concern was with the “wording” on the ticket page that seemed somewhat misleading when put together with @mkitti original explanation (e.g., streaming is not our main focus, but we will try our best to make it work). I mean - it might not be the main focus (and that is understandable in the context of an in-person conf), but the ticket page seems to sell online “we’ll try to make it work” tickets (irrelevant if that is under the form of a donation).

However, after your intervention, I think all this was only a matter of communication.

I wish you all good luck with the hard work of putting it together. Looking forward to it.

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