JuliaCon 2023 talks are live streaming on YouTube


I noticed that there is a BoF Meeting for data engineering and it mentioned a BoF Discord Voice channel. When I went to the Julia Discord, I didn’t see such a channel. Is it just not up yet? Or is it in a different server?

Edit: I was somehow on the 2022 Julia Con page. Sorry! Ping: @pat-alt

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Is there/will there be a JuliaCon 2023 discord channel that I’ve somehow missed?

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No special Discord this year, but you could try the Humans of Julia Discord, the Slack #juliacon channel, or Zulip.

The organizers will be reachable primarily here or on Slack in the JuliaCon channel.


Also, the Tuesday workshops will NOT be streamed on YouTube. I suggest reaching out to the workshop presenters if you interested in the topic.


I figured out my mistake, I’m not sure where I found the link to begin with (Maybe Googling?), but I ended up on live.juliacon.org which still shows 2022 details but doesn’t say “2022” anywhere in the header area.

Not a biggie, but wanted to flag in case you get other folks reporting weirdness like me :sweat_smile:

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I just got access to live.juliacon.org. I’m going to see what I can do it about tomorrow.


Will the first day be broadcast?

There are no YouTube streams on Tuesday for the workshops.

Streams will start Wednesday.

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Will the workshops be recorded? I was hoping I could see some of those virtually. But seeing them at 1.5x is probably even better.


Sad to hear.

I just learned that we are in fact recording the workshops.


Are the live streams freely available, or only for participants?

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The live streams will be freely available over YouTube.


Room 32-144 has no sound on the live streaming.

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Sorry for that. I believe the sound has now been fixed. Let us know otherwise.

Are the “Online talks and posters” part of a designated room’s streams? That is, where can one find them on YouTube?

Does anyone know if Day 2 talks in Room 32-141 were live streamed or not? That’s the room where Prof. Alan Edelman’s 60th birthday celebration seminar was held. I attended the seminar in person but wanted to re-watch some of those seminar talks, but I cannot find a youtube video. I’m wandering if the seminar was not live streamed.

Most of these were prerecorded. They will be available on YouTube as individual videos .

Thr ASE60 celebration is technically another event run by MIT. My understanding is that the talks were recorded and may be available later.

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