Why doesn't my Jupyter respond to Julia but to Python?


When I try running anything on a new Julia kernel, it’s always stuck with In[*] indefinitely.
But python works just fine.
I’ve tried restarting the kernel, rebooting my PC, and disabling the firewall. Nothing works.

Which operating system and which version of julia? What happens if you launch the notebook from the terminal?

There’s still a problem with IJulia on Windows with 0.7/1.0: https://github.com/JuliaLang/IJulia.jl/issues/693 … hopefully will be fixed in a week or so.


Thx a lot

Julia 1.0 win10 64bit. There seems to be some issues with IJulia, I’ll just wait some more moments.

I followed this fix on git hub and it kinda works.

It’s just that this fix works sometimes and fails for other times.

How will we know when the fix is in? Is it Julia 1.0.0 thats broke or is it IJulia Jupyter notebook that is Broken?