Jupyter and julia v0.7 does not work

I’ve loaded IJulia from within Julia 0.7 (REPL). Starting the Jupyter Notebook and choose a New Julia 0.7.0 session and enter subsequently e.g. 1+1 it ends up in an endless loop (In[*])

And do you get any message in the REPL when Jupyter is stuck?

Maybe you could try updating the IJulia package. If you are using Pkg3, enter pkg mode (press ] in the REPL), and run update IJulia.

No, there is no message in the REPL when Jupyter is stuck. I also updated IJulia (Pkg3) with no changes in their version.
Any other suggestions?

If this is on Windows, see https://github.com/JuliaLang/IJulia.jl/issues/693