Why are some packages grayed out in JuliaHub search results?

I registered the packages SimplicialSets.jl and SymbolicSigns.jl almost three weeks ago. Installing them from the registry works fine, and the JuliaHub links in the previous sentence also work. However, when I search for them by package name on JuliaHub, then they appear grayed out in the list of search results, and one cannot click on them. Why is that?

I also noticed that most new packages displayed on the JuliaHub page for packages are grayed out in search results. From the current list, the only exception is StringUnits.jl.

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Relevant issue, closed by mistake I think:

I suppose that all newly registered packages have greyed out search results until the second version of the package gets registered?

That could indeed be. Initially I thought of StringUnits.jl as a counterexample to that theory. However, it seems that several versions of it were registered on the same day. This makes it “new” although it has more than one version.

@nsajko Where do we go from here? Wait and see if the GitHub issue you mentioned is re-opened? Open a new issue on GitHub?

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No, the “version” that @pfitzseb is talking about there is the JuliaHub version — this was a bug that’s been fixed and is part of our JuliaHub v6.5.2 release candidate, but that hasn’t been released and deployed to prod yet.

Hopefully we’ll get that update out soon!

(Edit: actually, I’m not 100% sure this is related to that old issue… but in any case, I did confirm it’s fixed on the v6.5.2-rc1 internal build)


This is fixed now on JuliaHub.