Package succesfully registered but not present in

some weeks ago I registered MultiDimEquations, a small package to write multi-dimensional equations in Julia using an easy and compact syntax . Registration has been successful, but it is still not listed on … what could be the reason ?

I noticed now that is updated monthly…

A short answer: The pkg index was last updated 2017-10-01, your package was registered 2017-10-09.

AFAICT it has not been updated since January 2017.

> Last updated 2017-10-01

Dates the american style.

Edit:I’m stupid :slight_smile: But at least the updates are not working correctly, see Creating a JuliaTeX group on github and comments after about new packages not beeing visible.

I don’t think so:
BDW, would be nice to have something like this:

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I think the list consist of v0.5 packages, since that is displayed in bold at the top. Hence, your package, and other new ones, that are v0.6 only does not show up.

I don’t think so: :wink:

EDIT: I see, so that list is broken… an issue about it has been already filled.

That package has registered versions for v0.5 (yours doesn’t).

How do you know? It has been registered on 2 August (when Julia 0.6 has already been released), and if you see the require within its source code at time of registration, it has never included Julia 0.5).
So, it’s like my package, a 0.6-only package.

Oh, right, then I’m out of guesses :slight_smile:

Yeah, there are issues with that site, sorry. It’s not updating correctly. It’ll get fixed, hopefully soon. Once 0.6.1 is out, we’ll take a closer look. Right now, these machines are busy running PkgEval for 0.6.1, and I don’t want to mess around too much around this.




Seems stuck again at 2018-05-12.