Which approach for matrix of road journey times (i.e. routing-based distances)?

I need to get a matrix of road journey times by geographical coordinate pairs.

I have colleagues that are using for this the R package osrm that in turn use the demo public server of project osrm, where they run their matrices in batch to remain below the limits of the demo server.

I had a quick look and their routing algorithm seems very fast…
I wonder which would be the best approach in Julia: install an orsm server (C++ based) and made an interface to it in Julia or exploit a routing library in some Julia package (any?) and keep an “all-julia approach”.

Does anyone has experiences with routing libraries in Julia and how they compare with osrm ?

I did play a bit with OpenStreetMapX but its functions OpenStreetMapX.shortest_route and OpenStreetMapX.fastest_route don’t seems to be viable on even regional maps (and I understood the default speed seems fixed to SPEED_ROADS_URBAN).

So, basically, there seems to be no Julia routing library for regional/national journeys. I think such library would have to use some heuristic that exploit lot of domain specific engineering.