Get route length 0 wile trying to caculate route between two given locations using package OpenStreetMapX

I have two locations with latitude and longitude pair as the following:
loc1 = (35.96395340992261,25.08696560352753)
loc2 = (69.37249071020585,35.60655488064029)
Openstreetmap data is obtained from the link: GEOFABRIK // Downloads
Then, when I calculate the route between these two points, I got 0. Any comments are greatly appreciated indeed!


using OpenStreetMapX

md = OpenStreetMapX.get_map_data("/home/s.osm")

function fetchRouteInfo!(md::MapData, routeChoice::String,  LLAloc1::OpenStreetMapX.LLA,  LLAloc2::OpenStreetMapX.LLA)
         # figure out this later, try original version with function point_to_nodes instead
         # node1ID = LLAloc2nearestNdID(md,  LLAloc1)                             # the id of the nearest node to  LLAloc1 in md
         # node2ID = LLAloc2nearestNdID(md,  LLAloc2)                             # the id of the nearest node to  LLAloc2 in md
         println("location 1: ", LLAloc1.lon, "*",
		 println("location 2: ", LLAloc2.lon, "*",

		 node1ID = OpenStreetMapX.point_to_nodes(LLAloc1,md)
		 node2ID = OpenStreetMapX.point_to_nodes(LLAloc2,md)

	     if routeChoice == "shortest"
		        ndIDs, rDist, rTime = OpenStreetMapX.shortest_route(md,node1ID,node2ID)    # no shortest-path algorithm is provided, so aStar algorithm is used; but apparently it is really really slow; # so I need to find a new algorithm to at least improve it
	     elseif routeChoice == "fastest"
	            ndIDs, rDist, rTime = OpenStreetMapX.fastest_route(md,node1ID,node2ID)

         vtsIDs = Array{Int}(undef, length(ndIDs))
	     for i in 1:length(ndIDs)
             vtsIDs[i] = md.v[ndIDs[i]]                                         # md.v: node id => graph vertex id

		 println("ndIDs length: ", length(ndIDs))
# loc1 = OpenStreetMapX.LLA(51.60294961535597, 30.789688389286564)
# loc2 = OpenStreetMapX.LLA(50.74702708216419, 21.350926433935673)
loc1 = OpenStreetMapX.LLA(35.96395340992261,25.08696560352753 )
loc2 = OpenStreetMapX.LLA(69.37249071020585,35.60655488064029 )

fetchRouteInfo!(md, "shortest", loc1, loc2 )