Where to post a problem of Julia's actual PDF doc?

Hello all

Just have been running over Julia’s actual PDF doc in Julia Documentation · The Julia Language .
Where shall I post a problem seen within that doc?
Or who shall be informed about it?


Create a bug report or a pull request. See e.g. Dead links in pdf documentation · Issue #43652 · JuliaLang/julia · GitHub

The easiest way to create a pull request is via the “edit on GitHub” link at the top of each page in the html documentation. This takes you to a page where there’s a pen icon that you can click on to create a fork that you can edit.

Alternatively, you can just describe the problem here in the thread, and ask that somebody create the issue or pull request for you.


Open a new issue, or reply to this issue:

In future it can be that I may have a github account, but at the moment I would prefer to follow your suggestion.

The problem in the Julia 1.7 Documentaion (PDF) occurs at the logical page 431:
Page 430 is titled Chapter 40 Command-line Options and on page 431 follows a table with a lot of Comman-Line Options. But that table has an unfortunate formatting, as it occupies the bottom margin of that page 431. The latter is not necessary, isn’t it that that table can be splitted on two consecutive pages? For example page 430 has enough space that the mentioned table can be started at page 430 and then be continued at page 431.

As I don’t have a github account, can somebody please be so nice to reply to the existing issue mentioned by @woclass or may somebody please create a new issue or pull request regarding the above problem?

This seems to be mentioned already

See this issue-comment, which references “(40.2 Command-line switches for Julia): Long table truncation.”

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Oh sorry, I have overlooked this, my fault :blush: .