Where are the TagBot logs?

I’m getting this message in my TagBot trigger issue:

Triggering TagBot for merged registry pull request
This extra notification is being sent because I expected a tag to exist by now, but it doesn’t.
You may want to check your TagBot configuration to ensure that it’s running, and if it is, check the logs to make sure that there are no errors.

and my tag was not created. Where can I find the logs?

First, make sure that your TagBot configuration (located at the .github/workflows/TagBot.yml file in your repo) matches the instructions in the TagBot README.

If, after that, you still don’t have the tag, you can run TagBot manually by going to the Actions tab of your repo, selecting the TagBot.yml workflow, and clicking the green “Run Workflow” button to manually trigger a TagBot run.

To see the TagBot logs, go to the Actions tab of your repo, select the TagBot.yml workflow, and then click on a workflow run to see the logs.


Thanks! Actually I hadn’t activated the actions for my repo…