Tagbot is not triggered

I am attempting to produce a new version of my package, Spectra, after a few years of silence as it is mostly stable. The repo is visible here:

However, the process of publishing new versions changed quite a lot since last time, and honestly I am lost. I have search the forum and github, I managed to get a new version registered, added a tagbot yml file too, but I can’t find how to trigger tagbot properly… I do not get a new tag for my package, despite the issue being raised:

Does someone has an idea about what is going wrong here?

Thanks in advance !

I had the TagBot instruction thread in an open tab, as it happens.

Look for “Check that workflows have the correct permissions on your repo”.

Hi, yes, already done. I also updated the workflow file with the one indicated on the website your link points to.

So TagBot is usually triggered by the Registrator, which is what’s actually used to prepare new package releases for General. If the TagBot isn’t triggered by the Registrator action, that’s ok, you can take the release manually from the command line or the home page of the repository.

To add to this a bit, Registrator looks for a commit to Project.toml which increments the version number, and makes that the new version of the package. Once the new version is the registry, TagBot comes along and makes a tagged release, triggering other systems (Documenter mainly) which want to do tag-specific stuff. But that part happens afterwards, and it can all be done manually if the CI is messed up for whatever reason (I’ve found that to mostly be missing secrets, if the permissions for Actions are otherwise correct).

OK thanks, yes I think this would solve the issue. I updated all the tagbot stuff after the registration of the package, and this explains that. Could you elaborate regarding how to trigger manually the TagBot from the repository home page? I can’t find this information, I only find info about a command line trigger.

You can’t trigger the TagBot manually, but you can manually tag a release, which is the function the TagBot serves. You can either do this from the “releases” page on GitHub or using the git command line (search for “git tag”).

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OK thanks, I created manually a tag, it seems OK now!

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